Lesson Plans

Title Content Author Grade Level File Size
Binomial Distribution Introduction to binomial distribution and Finding the binomial distribution by using TI calculator. Ceren Ozbay 11 IB / SL binomial distribution.pdf 298 KB
Box and Whiskers Plot Compare and analyze different box and whisker plots Ceren Ozbay 9 boxandwhiskers plot.pdf 314 KB
Graphs of quadratics Function Finding a quadratic form from its graph Ceren Ozbay 10 Finding a quadratic form from its graph.pdf 350 KB
Discriminant Find discriminant Ceren Ozbay 10 finding discriminant.pdf 655 KB
Measuring time Problem Solving in Unit of Measuring Time Ceren Ozbay 5 Measuring Time 638 KB
Mathematical induction Prove integer sum formulas Ceren Ozbay 11 / IB SL mathematical induction.pdf 262 KB
Solving equations Compose appropriate equation of given problems Ceren Ozbay 6 solving equations.pdf 249 KB
Vectors performing basic vector operations (addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication) Ceren Ozbay 9 vectors.pdf 294 KB
Binomial Theorem and Pascal's Triangle Using Pascal's Triangle and applying binomial theorem Ceren Ozbay 10 Binomial Theorem_Pascal's Triangle.pdf 695 KB
Matrices Define a matrix, determine its dimension and find the intended row, column and element Ceren Ozbay 11 matrices.pdf 274 KB